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Disaster Preparedness Program

What you cannot prove, you lose.

Each year across the US thousands of policyholders, are faced with the increase number of disasters. The number one issue home and business owners face is not being properly prepared and under insured. Most home and business owner are more than 30% under insured on real and personal property and are unaware until they are faced with a disaster. You cannot afford to wait until you are faced with the worst moment of your life, you must be prepared now. Our disaster membership program is the key to preparing you and your family for the unknown.

I. D. A House has more than 62 years of combined experience as veteran insurance adjusters and inventory specialists. We can prepare policyholders just like you for any type of peril you may face. From a water leaks due to a broken pipe, to major disasters we can prepare you. Our disaster preparedness system includes evaluation, education and documentation.

We will help you document your assets before a disaster and assist you after a disaster by guiding you through the claims process by explaining your entitlements, helping you choose licensed and competent water mitigation and construction contractors and assisting you with completing a full room by room personal property inventory list.  With I. D. A House, you will not have to hire public adjusters or attorneys prematurely, that can cost you thousands of dollars. The burden of proof is 100% on policyholders when filing a claim. What you cannot prove, you lose. You will never be alone when you need help the most. We will be your bridge over troubled waters. 

I.D. A House is a veteran-owned disaster preparedness company with more than 63 years of experience as insurance examiners, field adjusters and personal property inventory specialists.  We are not hired adjusters, we are a professional disaster preparedness and inventory company whose focused is on helping you save your home, business, and organization in the event of a disaster.

Testimonial: Hurricane Michael wind and water damage to house and contents
To whom it may concern, our property was severely damaged from Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Florida on October 10, 2018. Mr. Seabrooks company, I. D. A House helped us complete a full personal property inventory list to turn in to our insurance company in which we received the policy limit. The list was completed very professionally, and we were very satisfied with our content settlement and appreciate of all his hard work. Mr. Seabrooks assisted us with finding a licensed Florida general contractor and assisted them with writing a full estimate of all our damages. We were able to receive an additional $64,698.71 to repair our home above the originate estimate written by our insurance adjuster. We are so grateful for what Mr. Seabrooks, has done for us because he took away a lot of stress and uncertainty, and now our home is fully repaired. We will recommend the services I. D. A House provides to any home or business owner. Thank you, Mr. Seabrooks.
Lester and Janie Baltazar

Let Us Be Your Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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If you have experienced a recent disaster, contact us as soon as possible.

The burden of proof is 100% on you when filing a claim.

If you have experienced a recent disaster, your next decision could cost you thousands of dollars or save you thousands of dollars.

When dealing with a disaster, you need professional help documenting your loss. The burden of proof is 100% on you when filing a claim, especially for a personal property loss. Most people do not know how to deal with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, public adjusters, aggressive attorneys and scrupulous contractors who may rip you off.

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