Our Mission: Prepare Each Family for Emergency and Disasters One Member At a Time

We have helped hundreds of families prepare for disasters and emergency by documenting personal property room-by-room, one item at a time. Our company is anchored by our disaster membership program. We have inventoried millions of dollars in personal properties over the past three decades. We have the tools that policyholders need to be ready for any disaster.

Meet Our CEO

Leon and his wife are U.S. Army veterans, as well as veteran insurance adjusters. He started I.D. A House out of Panama City, Florida his hometown after watching the communities in the panhandle being deeply impacted by disasters, especially hurricanes. I.D. A House team has over 85 years of combine experience as staff and independent insurance adjusters. The company has since expanded nationwide with locations in Florida, Texas and California.  
I.D. A House is renowned for it Disaster membership Program. Our state of the art inventory program and emergency services assist each policyholder by document each item in the home or business, room by room. I.D. A House leads the way in the catastrophe industry when it come to preparing families and businesses for everyday perils to major disasters. (Please clean up any grammar errors) Thanks and may God bless you and your family.
Leon C. Seabrooks, Sr.
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Testimonial: Victims of a House Fire

“It was stressful, to say the least, to oversee the rebuilding of our home. Dealing with the bank, dealing with the city, and dealing with the insurance company is a lot to handle, especially as we tried to function in our work and overall family activities.

The heat from the fire caused substantial damage and we had to have almost all the trusses removed along with the entire roof. Additionally, there was extensive damage to the inside of the home from the firefighters’ efforts to release that heat.

With all this going on, it was difficult trying to complete a huge “list of personal items lost.” This had to include the sentimental items, family historical, business historical, and an actual dollar value to all listed items. This dollar value was critical to our recovery and eventual closure but do not believe that your adjuster is going to give you guidance or help in this type situation.

After going through this experience, it was important to us to get help but we did not have the means nor the incentive to hire an attorney.

Mr. Leon Seabrooks Sr. with I.D. A House made a big difference for us. He helped level the playing field by assisting us in our completion of that list. He looked out for our best interest.

For those of you who have not experienced a destructive act, please consider becoming prepared ASAP – not just storing food, water, bracing etc… Be prepared by knowing your policy and your rights. 

Work with Mr. Seabrooks to compile a list of your possessions. This will prevent you from losing dollar value if disaster should strike. Please don’t wait, like we did.”

– Krag and Linda R.



Testimonial: Hurricane Michael wind and water damage to house and contents

Lester and Jenie Baltazar February 20, 2021 716 Michael Dr. Panama City, Florida 32404 Subject: Hurricane Michael Recovery Assistance To whom it may concern, Our property was severly damaged from Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Florida on October 10, 2018. Mr. Seabrooks company, I. D. A House, helped us complete a full personal property inventory list to turn in to our insurance company in which we received the policy limit. The list was completed very professionally, and we were very satisfied with our content settlement and appreciate of all his hard work. Mr. Seabrooks, assisted us with finding a licensed Florida general contractor and assisted them with writing a full estimate of all our damaged. We were able to receive an additional $64,698.71 to repair our home above the originate estimate written by our insurance adjuster. We are so grateful for what Mr. Seabrooks, has done for us because he took away a lot of stress and uncertainty, and now our home is fully repaired. We will recommend the services I. D. A House provides to any home or business owner. Thank you, Mr. Seabrooks. Sincerely, Lester and Janie Baltazar Homeowners

The number one issue with preparing for disasters is documentation.

We help policyholders determine if you are properly insured, and we assist by helping you put together a professional inventory list of all your personal and business personal property.

We also assist policyholders with qualifying competent general contractors, who you choose to repair your property, who should also be able to write a full estimate of your damages and negotiate with your insurance adjuster for a fair settlement.